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Bonjour ( ou bonsoir!) mes amies! :P

I just wanted to let my flist know that this will no longer be my journal.

I have a new blog which can be found here>>>
It's basically explained what it'll be about on my first blog but just cause:

I have considered my last hmm 5 years as dead years for me. I was stuck in a place I hated etc, etc. So now that I'm finally out I'm trying to resurrect my life and get it going. So this blog is just going to be my outlet during this period of my life.

I'm keeping this journal active because of a few communities I love and want to continue following.

If you want me to remove you from my flist or vice versa I will just let me know. I will no longer be updating this blog aside from a few tweets here and there.

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I'll only add you if you comment on this post and tell me why you want to add me and how you found me!

Please don't add me if:

1. You're a rabid fangirl/boy
2. You're an idiot
3. We have nothing in common

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